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Computers have entered the life of ordinary people and with it, the emergence of social networking sites have also been seen. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook, which has revolutionized the way in which people used to interact. Developers are constantly updating Facebook to facilitate the communication facility.


When you are thinking of communicating with your friend, you can definitely switch to use the Facebook app. The Facebook app allows a person to add his friends into their account and chat with them. You can send them smileys and also send them images. You can wish them on their birthday and you can also dedicate a song to them by tagging them to a song or any YouTube video. You can also hold also hold a live video chat with your friend if you have a webcam in your device. The video chatting option is quite similar to the Skype options and the hangout options. You need to have a good Internet connection for having an uninterrupted video session with your friends and family. Facebook has brought people closer by helping you to add your old school friends in your profile.

Nowadays messenger app is added with the Facebook app, which only manages the messages, which you have sent to your Facebook contacts. With the messenger app you can also added multiple user into a single chat head and can chat with them. With the messenger app installed in your device you can send them recorded videos or voice messages. You can also share the official documents with the Messenger app. Added to these apps there is also the WhatsApp which allows you to do online chat in the form of text messages. With the use of the WhatsApp application you can connect with the contacts of your mobile phone and can greet them with a message.