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People sometimes lose the cross-platform messaging conversations. But there is a way to get them back. Here is the best way to do that. Two ways are mentioned here and you should follow any one of them.


A lot of people nowadays use cross-platform messaging apps for the purpose of communication with their friends and relatives. Apart from it sometimes, it is necessary to clean up your phone and install the software newly in order to get rid of some problems, which might be faced by you. While going through the process, it might happen that you will lose all the previous messages on the phone.

Solving the problems

But such a problem can easily be resolved if you make some items ready. All the cross-platform messaging online chat apps come with the provision of backing up the messages and restoring them. The backups acted in automatically on a regular basis, and you should take a final backup before the software installation takes place. You should give the complete backup folder safely at some place.

Automating backup

If you want to keep yourself free from any kind of hassles, a number of online chat apps come with the provision of the backing of the messages to cloud storage, and they will be automatically recovered once you log in again after reinstalling the software. It is the best way, as the complete process is automated, and you don’t have to go through any kind of hassles.

Restoring the backup

Later on, at the time of restoring, you should keep the folder back in its place, and the software will automatically ask for backup restoration, and you should accept it. Once you do that, all the messages will be automatically restored, and you can start the conversation from the last messages.