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Social networking has become a very important concept for the people nowadays. With the use of the social networking website, people can discuss about the social issues and hold any debate or discussion in a single platform. Through online chatting facility you can also connect with the people who are staying far from your place.


Previously, people used to communicate with each other by sending the letters or telegrams. Telegrams though travelled faster than expected but the main problem lied with the sending of the letters. Sometimes the letters were delivered after a prolonged period and sometimes they were delivered to a wrong post box. If there was an urgency to convey a message to your relative, it becomes quite difficult to communicate with them at that point of time. With the advent of Internet technologies, people came closer and the communication facility improved gradually. People can now connect with their relatives and friends with just a single click of the mouse through online chat.

Developers around the world are coming up with latest social networking apps every now and then. All these social networking apps differ from one another with some unique features. For instance if you are using the Hike messenger app, you can greet all your friends and relatives by sending them some funny stickers. The developer of the hike application makes these stickers. In case of Facebook messenger, you can send GIF images to your friends. You can add multiple people into a single chat at one time. This helps you to connect with people all at once. If you wish to make video calls you can definitely use the Skype application. With the help of the Google hangout you can share files of larger size.

All these applications actually help the user to do online chat with his or her connection and help them to stay connected.