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Online chat has made it easy even to send multimedia files. It is always convenient to send multimedia files through chat platform. Here are the other big sites read it for the details.


Online chat has not only made easy to send a text for the Internet but other items as well. It is one of the easiest ways, which can help you to send a number of multimedia items to the Internet and that too at free of cost. Though multimedia-messaging options are available in order to send a number of multimedia items, but that is not good for a number of reasons.

Multimedia messaging worst part

The worst part about multimedia messaging services is that you will have to pay for every byte you send. In most of the cases, you will be charged for a single megabyte of a file. Thus, if you send a big file, you will have to pay a lot of money for it. Moreover, it requires a lot of settings, in order to use them. Thus it is not at all convenient to use multimedia-messaging services for sending can your photos and videos.

The difference in online chat platforms

It is not the same for the case of online chat. In the case of online chat, almost all the platforms provide you the option for sending multimedia files apart from normal text or video chat. The best part, you can send any multimedia item free of cost. Though few of the platforms may come with limits of sending files, and you can only send files of within a minimum size.

The convenience

Thus, it is always convenient to use the chatting platforms in order to feel multimedia files rather than using the multimedia messaging options, which your career or service provider provides you. Thus it is always advisable that you follow online chat platforms.