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There is lots of online messaging app are available on the Internet. Some of the apps are quite popular amongst teenagers. WhatsApp is one of the favorites and broadly used messaging apps. But when using this messaging app, you have to very careful, as there are times when a random stranger can get you into a trap.


Change the contact number

If you are fascinated towards online chat, you must know about each and every procedure of an online messaging app. Every now and then, random strangers can trap people, and they can blackmail the users. That is why users should be conscious while having a talk with others.

To overcome any blackmailing situation the first step user must take is to change the contact number. If you are thinking to change your contact number, free messaging apps provide lots of exciting and compelling feature to the user. You can send your number only to those whom you want. Along with that, you can hide your number for safety.

The procedure that is required to change the contact number is quite easy. You have to go to the settings and have to click on the account. Having done that, you can modify the number by the use of the “Change Number” option.

Lock your account

If you do not feel safe in the virtual world, you must take the step to lock your account. There are lots of amazing features available on the Internet that helps you to lock your account positively. First of all, you must install the app “chat lock application,” and then you have to lock your account.

Being safe and secure is good in the virtual world or social media. It is not right that kids be allowed installing chat options. Parents have to be very careful about their children. While online chatting is good for adults, it can be very dangerous for children.